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Colleen Hoover’s spectacular Ugly Love is publishing on the 5th August here in the UK. To get you suitably excited for this fantastic book, we’ve called in all the troops and the Hot Bed Army is ready to start THE blog tour blitz to end all blog tour blitz’s – 35 blogs are involved, you can read the full list below, all reading and reviewing this book!


 Monday 28th July

Fairy Tale Ending

Reading in the Sunshine

Book Angel Booktopia


She Loves to Read

Holly’s Hot Reads

Tuesday 29th July

Miss BookWorm

Victoria Loves Books

Pretty Little Memoirs

All Things Books

Love of a Good Book

Addictive ChickLit

Wednesday 30th July

Book Spine Reviews

BookaHolic Confessions

Book Passion for Life

Book Reviews by Sarah

Erin’s Choice

Have Book Will Read

Books for Company


Thursday 31st July:

Living in Our Own Story

Dark Readers

Books With Bunny

The Romance Cover

Four Brits and a Book


Friday 1st August:

The Danish Bookaholic


A Dream of Books

Charlene Jess

Whirlwind Books

Hopeless Romantics 

Book Lover

BJS Book Blog

Verna Dene

Book Mood Reviews

If you want to join the #MilesHighClub, get pre-ordering your copy now in time for publication!

#SexMeUpReadathon Victoria Walters eBook Winner

Victoria Walters won The Hot Bed’s ebook competition earlier in the year; which means that we’re publishing her book in ebook form as a Hot Bed title – and it’s fantastic!

My first taste of New Adult was Easy by Tammara Webber, and then I became hooked on the category loving authors such as Colleen Hoover and Cora Carmack. As I love reading New Adult fiction I thought I would love to try writing it but it seemed to be a mainly US trend. Then I saw The Hot Bed competition and was really excited to see a UK publisher wanting to champion the category so, I decided to go for it and submit Night in the Woods.

I was so surprised and excited to win and can’t wait for my story to be released. I’m currently working with my editor on polishing the story and it’s my first experience of publisher edits. I was pretty nervous but I’ve loved reading Emma’s thoughts – she has made me smile all through her notes and has had some great ideas for the story. I was so happy to hear she wanted me to expand it and I’m having fun creating new scenes for my characters. 

I’m looking forward to seeing the cover and gearing up for release of the eBook short later this year!

We hoped you loved chatting books with us today, we’ve loved seeing all your #BookSelfies – keep them coming, the winners will be announced soon! 

#SexMeUpReadathon Insight from an Editor

You may or may not know, but we actually all have day jobs in publishing, aside from working on The Hot Bed. Emma is lucky enough to work in our Fiction Editorial team and has given us a small insight into how she became an editor and what she loves about the job!

When I was younger, I had no idea what I wanted to be (apart from the usual – ballerina, movie star, pop singer etc.). The only obvious thing that I liked doing was reading, so I set about finding a way to turn that into a job!

When I was 18 years old I went and did work experience at a publishing house. I did the rounds through all the departments, but there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be an editor. You get to read all the manuscripts and then actually work on the books themselves to help make them the best they can be!

After university I went to intern in the Editorial departments of a few publishers, before landing a job at Simon & Schuster as Publishing Assistant. It isn’t easy to get into Editorial, but get as much experience as you can and don’t let people forget who you are. Speak up and be proactive!

I just went on holiday (S&S books were banned) and read The Rosie Project and A Song for Issy Bradley, both of which I highly recommend! My office TBR pile consists of book 2 in the new Vina Jackson series (I can’t wait as there’s a cliff hanger at the end of the first one); the second draft of a brand new NA author *spoilers*; any second now I’ll be taking delivery of the Victoria Walters’ second draft – our short story competition winner – and it is going to be great! Stay tuned, we’ll be doing lots more in the run up to the release later this year.


The Editorial team in action!

#SexMeUpReadathon Hot Bed Recommends

We read a lot of sexy books, it is definitely the best job perk you could have, so here are our top three #SexMeUp books that we love, re-read, obsessively author stalk and generally fangirl over.


It’s SO hard to pick three books, but these are the three that really got my pulse racing:

-          Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren – This book started everything for me. I remember when it first came into the publishing schedule and reading the blurb and thinking to myself ‘hmmm I’ll have to give this a read’. I don’t know what I expected, but I didn’t expect myself to be so completely won over and sucked in. Since then Bennett Ryan has been my go-to Book Boyfriend, my obsession and I can guarantee you when the film comes out I’ll be front row!

-          Collide by Gail McHugh – I read this book months before it was published in paperback and I was blown away. The story drew me in, spun me around and spat me out at the end, totally wrecked. Gavin is sexy, alpha, but with a heart – what more could you want?! Organising the blog tour for it earlier in the year and seeing all the fantastic reviews was just amazing. It’s a book that’s close to my heart and I tout it to pretty much anyone I can!

-          Monster in his Eyes by JM Darhower – I loved the Sempre series by JM Darhower, so when I saw she’d started a new series it was on my kindle in a snap! It’s sexy, dark and keeps you guessing right up to the end. Brilliant!


If you don’t know already, I am obsessed with Kellan Kyle, so naturally it was only fitting that my number 1 is Thoughtless by SC Stephens.

-          Thoughtless, I absolutely love this book. It was the second NA I had read, the first was Slammed which I read whilst interning at Simon & Schuster. Since reading this in June, I reread the whole trilogy 8 times before December. Do you know how bad that is?! I could quote it, I could recite it, I could pick out my favourite scenes (the bit in the park – you’ll know what I mean if you’ve read it). It’s the perfect mix of sex, she licks the salt off his hand before taking the shot of tequila- phwoar, and pure love, and I absolutely wish I was Kiera! Kellan Kyle was, and will, always be my Book Boyfriend.

-          My second book is The Edge of Never. My reason for this, it was one of the later books I’d read, I think I picked it up after reading a Kirsty Moseley (which were also amazing), and I just got absolutely lost in it. I now, want to go on a road trip around the US, as Camryn and Andrew did. I want to find myself an Andrew, and I want to go to Old Point Bar, which is the background on my phone, and I want to sit and drink Jack Daniels and coke. This is full blown sex, and full blown emotion. They do incredible things to one another.

-          Last but not least, my first NA read. Slammed. Colleen Hoover has gone from strength to strength in her books, but this will always be a favourite of mine as it is adorable. This isn’t the steam that you’ll find in Kresley Cole, or Christina Lauren, but this is a great first dip into the sea of Contemporary Romance and NA. Will is an absolute babe, and you’ll want to read plenty more where that came from!


-          Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. This was the first New Adult book that I read, and that I worked on, so it is very close to my heart! Travis is the ultimate bad boy, he fights in an underground club, and is the biggest player on campus. Abby however, is trying to quietly disappear in the masses, dressing to look insignificant, but she can’t hide the spark inside from a Maddox boy! Their friendship is tempestuous to say the least, and rife with chemistry. Travis makes no move to hide his attraction to her, but Abby knows all about his rep and won’t go near him! But you can feel the steam coming off the pages, as there is no denying the chemistry between them – it’s a teasingly scorching book, with a huge side of heartbreak and angst – perfect!

-          Autumn by Vina Jackson. I know, I’m being unfair, none of you have read this yet… but you will later this year, and it is fantastic! I won’t give away any spoilers, but for those of you who’ve already read the Eighty Days books, we see Summer continue on a new path.
Vina Jackson lives up to the darkly erotic romance of her previous books, but this is even more exciting. It kind of makes you want to lose control… Pre-order it now!

-          The Professional by Kresley Cole. I absolutely loved this book – I have to say, whilst I was ahead of the curve, I still had to read the book in three instalments like the rest of you. I was plaguing my colleagues in the US with emails demanding the next part. Sevastyan ‘the Siberian’ is hot, hot, hot – he’s also part of the Russian Maffia, so, definitely not someone you want to cross! That sure doesn’t stop Natalie Porter though, who is constantly trying to run away from him (to be fair, she thought he was kidnapping her). Their chemistry is insane, and verges on the dark side. What more do you need? We all know from Kresley’s paranormal books that she writes good sex scenes – well The Game Maker Series reaches a whole new level!

#SexMeUpReadathon Classics

Sex in books is not a new thing; in fact it’s a VERY old thing. Yes, 50 Shades opened it up to a huge market, but realistically people have always been reading about sex in books for as long as books have existed. It might be a bit more openly discussed now, and hopefully a LOT more openly discussed after the #SexMeUpReadathon, but these books have always found an audience. When we look back on the first books we read that were seriously sexy, they weren’t from the last few years, they were from the last 100 years. That’s how long these books have been out there. So if you want some classic raunchiness, here are Hot Bed’s recommends!

Victoria – Lady Chatterley’s Lover by DH Lawrence

I came late to the party reading this one, but when I did, my mind was blown. In its own right, this book is a classic. It got banned – how badass is that?! They condemned D.H. Lawrence’s book as ‘radically pornographic, a vision of a relationship and a society without moral boundaries’, which, yeah I guess it is. But isn’t that what we love?!

The story is about Connie Reid, she is the female protagonist and marries Clifford Chatterly, the ‘scion’ of an aristocratic line. After their honeymoon, Clifford is sent to war and sadly returns paralyzed from the waist down, and chooses a future of writing. Then when gamekeeper, Oliver Mellors shows up Connie breaks down all of the boundaries of class, and finds comfort in Mellor.

As with most New Adult/Contemporary Romance novels, it’s never as easy as it should be. Mellor too, has an old wife who he must divorce, and Connie becomes pregnant with Mellor’s child, but Clifford refuses to divorce her. Will they be together again? We should hope so after all of that!

Emma – Jilly Cooper

So, I know this lady is more of a household favourite than a literary classic, but the first ‘naughty’ books I got my hands on were written by Jilly Cooper.  My first one, totally not in the right order, was The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous. I was thirteen years old…

Lysander Hawkley is gallivanting around the county of Rutshire, comforting disgruntled wives with his devilish good looks. But underneath the charm is a kind hearted man who can’t bear to see stray animals, injured horses, or spurned women. His friend Ferdie suggests that he should make a living off making husbands jealous, as he does it so well. So off he goes, causing mayhem in Rutshire!

Then he comes across Kitty, a lovely but shy woman, drowning in the wake of her indomitable husband, the highly promiscuous conductor, Ranaldini. She must be rescued, even if it means enlisting the help of an even bigger charmer, Rupert Campbell-Black.

These books had everything we get from contemporary romance today, love triangles, drama, intrigue, scandal, and of course lots of steamy sex scenes! I still buy Jilly’s books now, and love them – she is the original queen of the bonk-buster!

Kate – Story of O by Pauline Reage

*NOTE: This is NOT for the faint hearted*

Story of O was published in 1954, it was charged with indecency, had a publicity ban on it and caused outrage across the world, but it was also a phenomenon and sold thousands (still does!). Set in France, it’s the story of female submission. I came across it on a university course on pornography, because at the time of it’s publication it was actually removed from sale as it was considered too pornographic – it’s certainly graphic!

The main character never has a name, just ‘O’ (which can mean what you like), it’s short and to the point. She eventually works her way towards having a Master, and their relationship develops from there. It’s told completely from the point of view of O, who at times can seem a little distant, but it’s worth reading – it’s certainly enlightening!

I wouldn’t know what to compare it to, but you can certainly see how it’s influenced modern writing, particularly in the contemporary romance/eroica genres. At best guess, I’d say if you’re a 50 Shades of Grey, Shoshanna Evers or Kyra Davis fan, this will be the book for you.


When the opportunity to join this project first came to Hot Bed HQ, it got us thinking why we started in the first place. The Hot Bed started because the four of us loved these books. We passed around the early copies, took them home, devoured them in an evening and passed them onto the next person. We compared, contrasted, recommended and churned our way through anything that landed on our desk, until suddenly the idea of The Hot Bed formed. Since then, just over six months ago, we’ve gone from strength to strength and why is that? Because these books give readers what they want – we want a feisty heroine, we want a steamy hero and most of all we want to know what goes on in the bedroom! Screw closed doors, under the sheets or ‘…’ scenes; we want all the gory details!

So here we are on the last day of the #SexMeUpReadathon and we thought we’d give you a day in the world of The Hot Bed brains. We’re not going to lie, it’s going to be a bit crazy, a lot of fun and hopefully you’ll be able to pick up some new Book Boyfriends to take home to bed with you!


To be in with a chance to win some new Book Boyfriends, just tweet or FB us a book selfie – a selfie of you with a photo of your fave books – with the tag #BookSelfie and of course the #SexMeupReadathon hashtag! We will announce the winners this afternoon! 

Here’s some of the S&S team doing their #BookSelfie as an example!


If you haven’t noticed this week we’ve been completely obsessed with one hashtag: #SexMeUpReadathon organised by those fantastic Gosling Girls. You need to get yourself over to the SexMeUpReadathon page and check out the fantastic posts from authors, publishers and bloggers alike. We’re half way through the week and it’s been fantastic so far!

Not only that, but the lucky Hot Bed girls will be taking over all day on Friday, offering you a small insight into Hot Bed HQ, how we came together, why we love these books… and obviously an amazing competition to win yourself an entire bag of Book Boyfriends (books!).

If you haven’t joined in yet why not? Tweet us, use the hashtag #SexMeUpReadathon, with your favourite sexy read, or why you love these books. We’d love to hear from you!


Hot Read: Nowhere But Here by Renee Carlino


Nowhere But Here is the third romantic novel by the extremely talented Renée Carlino (author of Sweet Thing and Sweet Little Thing).

When journalist Kate Corbin’s motivation and creative flare starts slipping away, her boss takes a leap of faith, encourages her to get back to her old self and packs her off to the depths of beautiful California to write an explorative piece on the billionaire tech-genius-turned-winemaker R. J. Lawson.

It is here that Kate stumbles upon Jamie; a young, gorgeous, gardener-come-welder-come-karaoke-king (who also manages to find time to volunteer at homeless shelters!). Kate is so used to independence, living by her motto ‘I’m all I’ve got’, that letting somebody get attached is a real challenge for her. But would letting somebody close trigger yet another love-life disaster or could it be all she hoped for?

We absolutely love Nowhere But Here here at The Hot Bed. Renée Carlino gives a real sense of the hustle and bustle of Chicago, contrasting it perfectly with the cool and calm of California. This book has a healthy supply of mystery keeping us constantly questioning characters - is everyone who they say they are? - as well as plenty of blazing passion and leg-buckling romance!

Also, Kate is the perfect heroine. We respect her strive for independence but admire her ability to let go and take a risk! We all thoroughly enjoyed following her journey to discover both her future and her past. Plus, if Jimmy doesn’t make you want to hop on a plane to California we don’t know what will!


So, this weekend we attended the Romance Authors and Readers Event (RARE) in Edinburgh. It was a weekend of meeting authors, chatting to bloggers and readers and spending far too much time stalking Stuart Reardon who was topless in a kilt! Phwoar.

We had an absolutely amazing weekend so big thank you to Amy, Adriane and Teri for organising it all and thanks to everyone that came and said hello to us to chat all things books!

You can check out all the photos here

Couldn’t make #RARE14?

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The Hot Bed Hits Edinburgh

That’s right, Edinburgh! Watch out! We’re on our way, & that means one thing… ROAD TRIP PLAYLIST! 

We have compiled a list of music which I’m sure will keep us going the whole journey - it’s quite a way! But fear not, we will not have lost our voices from singing, so we can still natter with you at the #RARE14 event.

Plug in and have a listen. If you’re on your way up to Edinburgh, let us know what you’re listening to.

If you’re not heading up to Scotland, don’t miss out. Keep your eye out on the Twitter and Facebook for all the up to date action as it happens. 

See you there! 

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