HOT READ: After the Rain by Renee Carlino

We’ve always had a soft spot for Renee Carlino’s writing, her novels are always tearjerkers and leave you with horrific hangovers and we’re pleased to let you know that After the Rain is no different!

Nate Myers is a heart surgeon, has a sparkling career and an unbeatable arrogance. Until he loses a patient. Then everything starts to spiral out of control and he is sent to his uncle’s ranch in Montana to get some space and time away from the malpractice suit that’s haunting him. It’s there that he meets Avelina, a ranch hand who’s traumatic first marriage has left her isolated and alone. 

As they both try to work out what they feel for each other, their relationship develops and becomes more complex. Nate is such an amazing man, he simply doesn’t compare, and by the time you get to the end of After the Rain you are totally hooked on him. It’s a book you get to the end of and can’t remember the last time you read something quite like it. 

If you haven’t picked up a Renee Carlino title, why not try After the Rain? It’s perfect if you’re a fan of Gail McHugh, Colleen Hoover or K.A. Tucker.

It’s out on 11th November in ebook and 20th November in paperback:



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Hot Light: Inside Out series by Lisa Renee Jones


The Inside Out series by Lisa Renee Jones has been one of our favourites here at Hot Bed HQ - steamy, sexy and VERY addictive! There’s two new books coming out this year, so we thought we’d pull together a Hot Light for you all so you can check out these great books!

The series starts with If I Were You; when Sara comes across a storage locker with a woman’s diary in it. The diary entries are intense, but come to a sudden end, leaving Sara determined to find out what happened to the author. However, the more she immerses herself into the diary author’s life, the more dangerous Sara’s becomes. You have no idea who to trust or not - talk about page turner! 

As the series continues through Being Me (no.2), Revealing Us (no.3), No In Between (no. 4) and finally I Belong to You (no.5) you are totally sucked into Sara’s life, and Rebecca’s, who is the author of the diary. And if you want to find more about Rebecca’s life too, you can read Rebecca’s Lost Journals, which is HOT!

Seriously people, pick this series up because you won’t regret it!


Anna Todd After Blog Tour

If you haven’t heard about After by Anna Todd where have you been?! It’s had over ONE BILLION reads on Wattpad and this new revised and expanded version is quite simply amazing! To share our Hot Bed love for this book, we’ve organised one of our blog tours with all your favourite bloggers - check it out! 

And if you haven’t already, you can pre-order After here, it’s out October 21st in the UK: 

Ebook links:


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Hot Read: Uncivilised by Sawyer Bennett

We saw everyone going crazy about Uncivilised by Sawyer Bennett and so we one-clicked our way to a copy and wow, are we glad we did! This book is hot and steamy, and it is definitely not one for public transport reading (Kate made that mistake)!

When Moira heads to the Amazon to bring back the long lost Zach Easton, she does it for her degree and her studies. So when she turns up at their camp, what she doesn’t expect to find is a rather beautiful man who’s most definitely not afraid of showing her what he’s made of! 

Once back in the US, Moira has to teach Zach how to adapt to life there, thankfully he’s a quick learner, but perhaps a little too quick. Their relationship becomes more complicated as Moira tries to maintain a professional distance, and Zach is more than eager to learn about all aspects of life in the US! 

A great read, a real page turner, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be packing your bags and getting ready to trek to the Amazon yourself to find your own Tarzan type man! Phoar! 

imageimageimageimageimage FIVE CHILLIS PEOPLE!

All or Nothing Winners!

Big thanks to everyone who entered our All or Nothing by Kendall Ryan competition! 

The winners are (drum roll!):

Wine - really? That’s dedication in our books!

Filling our FB feed with VERY hot tattooed men - all of whom you’re prepared to give up! 

Coffee is how we get through our days, so this is commitment!

If you met us at RARE14 you know how much we love our sweets!

See comment about coffee, but replace with coke!

Make sure you email and we’ll post your prize out to you!

All or Nothing COMPETITION

You may have seen our Hot Read yesterday for the fantastic All or Nothing by Kendall Ryan, publishing in the UK on 25th September in paperback. BUT you could be in with the chance of winning one of our exclusive proof copies. We have FIVE to give away! 

So what do you have to do to win this fantastic pre-publication prize!? Just tell us the ‘all’ you’d give to win!

Emma says she’d give all the chocolate in the world for a copy!  

HOT READ: All or Nothing by Kendall Ryan


All or Nothing is book three in the Love By Design series by Kendall Ryan, which started with Working It and then Craving Him. However, if you haven’t read the previous books, this one is about a different set of characters so it’s perfect to pick up new.

Ellie and Braydon have always had a tense friendship, Braydon is best mates to Ben, Ellie to Emmy, so when Ben and Emmy hook up and get married, Braydon and Ellie are thrown together more and more. Having sworn off men, Ellie isn’t looking for a relationship, or in fact any male contact, Braydon, however, is very much after Ellie. Unable to resist his charms Ellie and Braydon become friends with benefits (oh, and did we mention he has a piercing? Oh, the piercing! For this alone, you need to read this book!) but Braydon’s hiding something and as Ellie’s feelings develop she can’t stand to be in the dark anymore.

The chemistry between Braydon and Ellie is amazing, and they are very funny together. We’ve wanted to hear Braydon’s story since this series started and we loved it! He’ll steal your heart!


If you’d like to get your hands on this steamy installment, you can buy it here: 

Amazon UK: 






Stay tuned because we have FIVE proof copies of All or Nothing to give away! 

Vina Jackson Cover Reveal!

We’re so excited to be revealing the cover for The Pleasure Quartet: Autumn by Vina Jackson. It publishes in ebook 6th October and in paperback 6th November this year.

But if you can’t wait that long, you can pre-order it here:








Summer is a passionate violinist who loses herself in the music of Vivaldi or Mendelssohn whilst busking on the underground. So much so, that one day she is caught up in a drunken brawl and her violin is damaged beyond repair, and she finds herself completely at a loss… Dominik is Summer’s unconventional hero, leading her on a chemistry-fuelled journey to discover the darker side of her needs.

If you play with fire, beware of getting burned!

This darkly sexy exploration of intense chemistry, scorching passion and tempestuous emotions is a must read. You’ll be as addicted to Summer as Dominik is, but lucky for you, there’s more where that came from…

Summer returns in The Pleasure Quartet: Autumn coming to you in October 2014. COVER REVEAL TOMORROW EXCLUSIVE TO THE HOT BED!! Pre-order now! 



HOT READ: Screwdrivered by Alice Clayton


We are huge fans of the lovely Alice Clayton here at Hot Bed HQ, so we couldn’t wait to get reading the next instalment in the Cocktail series: Screwdrivered.

Screwdrivered is Vivian’s story – who we met in Rusty Nailed – where she inherits a house, horses and a farmhand called Hank from her slightly odd aunt. Vivian moves across the country to decide what she wants to do with her new found property. Rundown and falling apart, it’s definitely a sight for sore eyes, filled with socks, a knight, and many, many freaky dolls. As her initial plans to renovate the place get thwarted by the local librarian, Vivian pulls out the big guns in order to fight for what she wants. The only problem is that what she wants soon shifts from the muscled Hank to the librarian Clark, which ends in a lot of confusion and a lot of sneezing!

Written in classic Alice style, it will have you hot under the collar and laughing out loud from one minute to the next. Vivian is hilarious, from her anger to her mishaps; we wish she were real as we’d love to be friends with her! And Clark is, well… hot! We can’t wait for the next instalment, Mai Tai’d Up, to come out in December.


If this has tickled your fancy, you can buy Screwdrivered here:

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#Route69 - we’re home!

We’re back in the UK, and it’s like we never left. The weather is miserable, we’re doing the 9-5 and we have no more exciting things coming up. Well, actually that’s a lie, we’ve got LOADS of things coming up for the rest of 2014, but for now, we’re just sad #Route69 is over. 

To make sure you didn’t miss out on any of our posts, here’s a complete round up from our #Route69 road trip:

11th Aug: We’re getting ready to fly!

The one and only Jennifer Probst gave us her must-see places for New York:  

And we couldn’t visit NYC without dropping in on our fantastic XOXOAfterDark friends: 

Working It series by Kendall Ryan: 

Sweet Thing by Renee Carlino: 

Tangled by Emma Chase: 

Faking It by Cora Carmack:

15th Aug: MICHIGAN
Slammed by Colleen Hoover: 

The Hot Bed girls reading from 

16th Aug: CHICAGO
Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren: 

We’re in Chicago!: 

Steamy scene!: 

17th Aug: CHICAGO
The Sempre series by JM Darhower: 

North Carolina for JA Redmerski’s The Edge of Never: 

South Carolina for Jennifer Echols’ Such a Rush: 

Exclusive from Abbi Glines: 

20th Aug: MIAMI
Exclusive from KA Tucker: 

21st Aug: TEXAS
Home of the chaps and spurs, yee-ha!

Exclusive from Anna Todd:

22nd Aug: NEBRASKA
Exclusive from Kresley Cole and The Professional series: 

23rd Aug: MONTANA
Love Under the Big Sky series by Kristen Proby: 

After UK cover revealby Anna Todd: 

25th Aug: SEATTLE
Exclusive interview from Katy Evans: 

Hot Read of Rogue:  

27th – 28th Aug: CALIFORNIA
Exclusive from Alice Clayton: 

29th Aug: VEGAS BABY!
Exclusive from Christina Lauren: 

30th Aug: VEGAS
The Stranger by Kyra Davis: 

We’ve had a fantastic time travelling #Route69. A big thanks to everyone that joined us, tweeted or FB’d us, and congratulations to everyone who won one of our giveaways! The winner of the Christina Lauren giveaway is (drum roll please!) …..


Karen Cundy! Congratulations!

We’d love to hear from you about #Route69 - what were your best bits? Let us know! 

Vegas Baby!

Morning/afternoon! Some of you may have woken up a little sore headed today after such a wild night out on the Strip… don’t worry, it stays in Vegas!

Well… in the case of Just One Night, sometimes Vegas follows you home… watch out!


Just One Night by Kyra Davis

Kasie heads to Las Vegas with best friend Simone to celebrate her last weekend before her engagement to future fiancé, Dave. Always ‘steady’ Kasie prides herself on her business sense and reliability. However, one night in Vegas changes all of that when she meets Richard Dade. Businessman, professional and mysterious – instantly the connection they feel pushes all else to the side as Kasie finds herself transformed into a completely different person when she’s with him.

Things soon start to spiral out of control for the pair when business and pleasure get increasingly mixed and Kasie is forced to make the decision to commit and submit to Richard, or leave and save what is left of the person she once knew. Gripping from start to end this is a book you NEED to read. 


We’re in VEGAS baby! And we all know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right!? 

The one and only Christina from Christina Lauren came and visited us earlier this year, and five of our bloggers asked her some of their burning questions - enjoy!

PLUS we have this AMAZING giveaway! You can win yourself the ENTIRE Beautiful series and not only that, but EVERY book is signed by the ladies themselves. We know, we spoil you. So, to win this fantastic prize just tell us do you have a Vegas style secret? Have you managed to keep it safe, or did it all come out? And if so what was it!? 

Tweet or FB us using the tag #Route69 and you’ll be entered to win these fantastic books! You can also pre-order the next in the Wild Seasons series - Dirty Rowdy Thing - here:








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Alice Clayton in the Hot Seat

Capital City: Sacramento, Motto: Eureka (“I have found it”), State Flower: Golden Poppy, home of some very nice wines, it’s obviously California… and that means one thing … LA! 

While we’re here in Hollywood, we got the chance to speak to the fantastic Alice Clayton. Here’s what she had to say to us.

Did you get to visit Hollywood or any studios in order to get an idea of where you wanted to set the Redhead series? Was there any really fun research involved?

I was very lucky to have lived in Los Angeles right after college, and boy did I have a blast! Los Angeles and Hollywood are two very different worlds, and I definitely enjoyed more of the LA side of life, which is wonderful. Having spent a few years there when I was in my early twenties, I drew heavily on those experiences when writing The Redhead Series, especially the backstory between Grace and her bestie Holly. As an adult, I went back to LA a few times, more so in the last few years, and I was so happy to see that much of what I loved about LA is still the same…the gorgeous neighborhoods, the lovely climate, the not knowing who you might run into while on a late night hot dog run…it’s magical.

When writing a book about stardom, there’s nowhere better to set it in than Hollywood and Grace spends a while acting on Broadway in New York, but did you ever think about setting the series anywhere else?

No, The Redhead Series was always going to be set in Los Angeles, it couldn’t work anywhere else. In many ways, the city itself is almost like a character, much like NYC was to Sex and the City. There’s a certain DNA to Los Angeles that you just can’t replicate anywhere else.

Do you think you’ll ever revisit Grace and Jack?

I actually revisit them all the time, in my head! I think about what they might be up to, how they might react to certain tabloid stories I see playing out, whether the paparazzi is still hounding them…but for now, their story is told. I have no plans, at this time, to take their story any further.

Did you ever fancy yourself as a Hollywood star and if so, what Hollywood produced film or series, would you star in and why?

You mean I’m not a Hollywood star? 

Yes Alice, you are!

Have you read the Redhead Series yet?

Hot Read: Rogue by Katy Evans

The Real series and Remington ‘Remy’ Tate had us practically drawling, so when we know that Katy Evans was writing Rogue we couldn’t wait!

Rogue is the story of Melanie and Greyson. Melanie is Brooke’s best friend, bubbly, cheerful, she’s the one that always looks on the bright side and is obsessive about making sure everything and everyone in her life is happy, even if she’s not. Greyson is the son of the man who runs the Underground boxing scene, of which Remy is a part. He’s shady, dominating and a very powerful man.

They’re not right for each other in so many ways and Greyson’s hiding more secrets than he is telling truths, but they are possibly one of the steamiest couples we’ve read in a long time! Melanie knows he’s no good for her, but she just can’t seem to say no, and to be honest we can’t blame her for that – Greyson is something else! Who would have thought someone would compete with Remy?!

We fell in love with Melanie in the previous books in the series, she was such a vocal character, so being able to read her story was the perfect addition to the Real series. It will keep you gripped right until the end - definitely a one-click buy! And we can’t wait til Ripped comes out this December – did you catch our exclusive yesterday?

If you would like to win the ENTIRE Katy Evans Real series to date (yes, that’s: Real, Remy, Mine AND Rogue) all you have to do is answer this question: 

Who would you cast to play Remy? 

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